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Pen-Pal Magazine is an American magazine published bi-weekly marketed towards pen-pals who wish to correspond with other pen-pals from around the globe, founded in 2011 by the Multi-Media Marking Group of Greater Charlotte.

Pen-Pal Magazine contains information on various topics. Some of these topics include fashion and beauty tips, entertainment news, dating advice, political coverage, health tips and diet guides. Pen-Pal Magazine also covers events such as fashion shows. The publishing displays the picture in the magazine too. The cover photo usually corresponds to the focus of the main stories, and the Pen-Pal Model of the month. Some examples of cover stories may be a celebrity's wedding, a holiday like Mother's Day, or a recognition of the achievements of a notable person. Many of them are given the cover to show the community that if they want to reach a goal that they have to be willing to work for it. It also gives young minority adults inner confidence and strength because the minority people in the magazine are strong and successful.